teh aplacolups beastie colleen (kuwaizair) wrote in plural_watching,
teh aplacolups beastie colleen

what would be worse

in my mangled trainwreck of thought and what not, I wonder.

wich would be more offensive, media with multiples as they are steriotyped, or media with multiples like I assume I run into on the internet.

Insted of the movie with the woman who has archyotypes running in her head, what about one with "the dragon" "Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons", "the immortal elven poet" "the psychic telopath crystal child" and of course classics like "the 2 year old who speeks and acts like a two year old" and "the super intellegent one" and "the artist with skills that the host/body/main/core/others don't have and never learnt but when they take frount they can compose music even thouh the rest never took a class before".

so yes, would it be more offensive with the 'traditional modle" or the mixed bag of toster powers, otherkins, fictionkins, historcial reincarnares, super brains and renisaance men?

of course the best would be 'the truth', but with what seems to be so many modles, how can we? and for entertainment its better to have a psycopathic murderuess 17 year old nynpho as a system member than 12 confussed silly faeries right?
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