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"Paranoia Agent" and the last 2 episodes of "Inu Yasha"


A couple of weeks ago this episode came up on the series "Paranoia Agent". On all the episodes of this series there's always a different story going on, though they're all linked through these two detectives trying to solve the case of assaults in the city, attributed to someone they call "Little Slugger". That's just the thread that links the episodes. The episodes themselves are different from one another and often bizarre, so you don't really know what's going on for at least a good 10 minutes.

Anyway, there was this episode with one of the characters who got attacked by Little Slugger (Harumi Chono), it opens with a message on this woman's answering machine. You don't know it at first, but the answering machine is where her system calls in order to record messages to each other. The personality that's out at her job tries to control the others (particularly Maria)--there are at least two (?) and they are both prostitutes, but the personality that's focused on isn't a prostitute and doesn't want to be one, so she throws the others' clothes out, etc.

I really don't remember that much of this episode. But it ends that she's having a significant conflict with her others wherein they're given a physical but invisible presence, and Little Slugger hits her. She survives into the next episode and after..."Paranoia Agent" airs on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network at something like 1 or 1:30 in the morning after Saturday night, though I don't know if they're done showing it yet. Last episode, one of the detectives started going a little crazy and hit upon the actual nature of Little Slugger.

Then there are the last two episodes of Inu Yasha, involving a character named Suikotsu. Suikotsu belongs to a band of mercenaries called the "Band of Seven" and has been resurrected along with the other seven by witchcraft with the help of Shikon jewel shards. (The Shikon jewel is the [magic, but cursed] Jewel of the Four Souls, shattered early on in the series by Kagome, which grants power to the bearer and is said to become more beautiful when tainted by an impure soul.) They have been resurrected by Naraku, a half-demon made of a human and many other demons he allowed into his body, and given the job of killing Inu Yasha, another half-demon (half dog-demon). By this point in the story, at least three of the Band of Seven have been killed, most of them not by Inu Yasha's party, and one of them has been almost killed and left for dead by Inu Yasha and remade. I think the members we've met so far have been Jakotsu, Rinkotsu, Ginkotsu, probably Mukotsu and now Suikotsu. Interesting side note; Jakotsu is a male crossdresser with a crush on Inu Yasha, voiced in the English version by a female voice actress.

Inu Yasha has taken it upon himself to hunt down the other members of the band of seven and kill them before they can kill his companions, as two of the band of seven almost got away with collectively, as first the party was poisoned and then they were left in a burning building to die, and would have died if Myoga (a demon flea, Inu Yasha's companion) hadn't come along and sucked out the poison.

Kikyo, a priestess who is the past incarnation of Kagome who has been also resurrected by witchcraft, runs across Suikotsu, who has lost his memory but retains a pure Shikon jewel shard in his neck which is untainted by malice. He is working in a village as a doctor, taking care of orphaned children. He has gained the trust of the villagers even though he has the same name of the killer who was executed 14 years ago, and appeared around the time of their gravestone breaking, because they see him as a good man. In the first episode where he is introduced we see that Suikotsu looks like he has PTSD (sorry if I'm using that incorrectly)--gets sick at the sight of blood, and after bandaging someone, he thinks he has blood on his hands and can't wash it off. Kikyo overhears the children singing "pure has become impure, impure has become pure, good has become evil, evil has become good, death has become life, life has become death," or something like that.

Next episode, Inu Yasha appears and attacks Suikotsu preemptively, and appears as the bad guy to the children with Suikotsu, who attack him. The other surviving three of the Band of Seven destroy the village and attempt to reclaim Suikotsu. He doesn't recognize them. Inu Yasha follows Suikotsu (who has run away from him) and comes across the other three of the Band of Seven and Kikyo, who he was in love with 50 years ago before she died of a wound she thought he gave her. (Kikyo started out wanting to kill him, but this is because of deception from Naraku. She says they can talk about their relationship another time.) Prior to this, Suikotsu had been having nightmares. The others of the band attack the children and Suikotsu intervenes, getting wounded himself. The voice in his head starts to talk to him again, telling him that he really wants to cause pain and death, and his jewel shard turns black, and he transforms into Suikotsu of the Band of Seven (for some reason the tie comes out of his hair--and he gets facial tattoos) and starts choking the kid who had run up to him out of concern.

That's about as much as we got through over the past two weeks of Inu Yasha. Inu Yasha airs at 12 AM Saturday night (between Saturday and Sunday--technically it's Sunday morning) on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim (may be inappropriate for viewers under 14).
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