amorpha (sethrenn) wrote in plural_watching,

Bad publicity, redux.

Reposted from our comment on multiplicity-- they're doing a remake of Sybil. >_<

A made-for-tv remake of "Sybil" is being planned:

I utterly hate that movie. Isn't it bad enough that three decades of psychology students have been trained on this crap, believing it's an accurate depiction of multiplicity? It wasn't even accurate to the book (even though the book was also trussed-up to make everything more dramatic) and yet people buy into the Sybil image so completely that they come away convinced they can always 'spot the real ones,' because we obviously must be publically falling to pieces all the time just like Sally Field did; and therefore, anyone who doesn't act just like her is a fake.

Why on earth would anyone think it was necessary to remake it? It sounds to me like it's probably going to end up being just a vehicle for some actress (probably to make Tammy Blanchard more famous). Then again, so was the original movie-- it was practically created just to win an Emmy for Sally Field.

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