teh aplacolups beastie colleen (kuwaizair) wrote in plural_watching,
teh aplacolups beastie colleen

fly by posting

Hey I'm just droping by to ask if the movie "all of me" to some extent counts, Gollum and Yugi/Yami Yugi have been broght up, because there are two-in-one it must mean, automaticly that they are "plural"

has anyone seen it? I can'r really recall who was in it, i'm bad at that.

anway this woman is like dying and stuff, she has some shamans and what not, and she was suppose to be transferd to a horse or a rich healthy woman who i think was going to go the horse, they put her soul on some bucket thing and it wound up flying out a window and hits the male main character of the film. he comes to after being clunked in the head with the metal pot and some woman starts talking to him in his head. she isn't to happy about it.

the movie is in part a story of working togehter and comprimise and sacrfice, it has some "grose out" momments like her having to deal with him peeing, they also need to work together to walk, to eat I think they guy even gets a date and she has to cope with that.

so I don't know if it counts, they talk to eachother in their head/out loud, at the end of the movie she gets her new body and stuff.

so yeah, does it count?
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