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"One Life to Live" redux

jadedmosaic^Shelby writes:

Where we work is a Emergency Room and off our assessment area is a TV waiting room. Well, everyone kept talking about finding out what happens to Jessie on "One Life To Live "

I guess for years there was an actress who played Viki with her "alters" Niki and then maybe others. Since Viki is supposed to have classical MPD/DID, the actress won many Emmys and soap opera awards for her "accurate portrayal of a multiple" and "bringing public awareness to the "disorder".

The whole plot has changed to now-integrated Viki Buchanan's daughter Jessie or Jessica -- who now has a alter named Tess. (It's on at 2pm eastern time on ABC.) Viki is trying to convince everyone, including Jessica's husband, that indeed her daughter is "insane now", and in a fight for her life -- making statements like "You have no idea what an alter will do in order to continue living!" She describes the core as living in a black pit of nothing and seeing the hand of the alter reaching in to help her and pull her out -- that they need each other to live, merge and integrate.

I finally peeked my head out to see a bunch of clients standing around staring at the TV in suspense as "Tess" is confronted with really being Jessica and not "a real person" -- Of course Tess pulls a gun on a complete Police Dept., and it ends there for now.

I went into my office, shut the door, and wanted to bash my head on my desk. This plot carried One Life To Live through the 80s, and it is back again in Viki's daughter. The "split personality" plot and the the character of Niki, "the evil Viki", began in the 70's, but back then they did not hang all the MPD/DID baggage onto it.
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