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Spotting plural characters and plotlines

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This community is for sightings of plurals and plurality portrayed in the media. If you've seen plural characters in any TV shows or films, read about them in books or comics or seen them in any other media, please post here!

Descriptions of talk, news and magazine shows covering plural stories are also on topic.

When describing a show or character please go into as much detail as possible, especially list details like, how many in the system, was it called 'DID', 'MPD', 'split personality' or something else? Was the portrayal positive or negative? Were there any stereotypes? Lost time? Were they faking? Was there a twist ending? Etc.

As well as being an interesting discussion topic and way to view the media's changing views and biases about plurality, this community aims to eventually build a database of all plural characters and plotlines in all media. To see the current progress of this media list (currently only books and films) view these previous threads:

Media List
Have You Seen These Shows?

The list is currently being transfered to a database to be hosted at http://www.plurality.org/

Media list discussions from before the creation of this community are listed in the Other Journals section of memories.

Also on topic are discussions of how the media's portrayals have changed over time and affected the lives of plurals and the opinions and beliefs of the public.

Please stay on topic when making posts. Comment threads may discuss around the subject and veer some way off topic.

Anyone is free to join or comment on this community.

Thank you for reading this information before posting.